no matter the breed and/or breed type, equines of all sizes are accepted - GRADE-PUREBLOOD - GAITED

Sorry, no mules or donkeys accepted

This registry association is not affiliated with or a party of any other known association, registry or club pertaining to the horse of color pattern


PRESIDENT/FOUNDER: Rebecca A. Rogers of Missouri

VICE PRESIDENT: Troy Mullin Jr. of Missouri

Delia Ryan of Bradford, MA.

Patricia Collens of Alberta, Canada

Jacklynn Matthews of Arizona

Michelle Crichton of Wyoming

Kathey Violette of Maine



Jackie Grohs of British Columbia, Canada

Michelle Bacon of British Columbia, Canada

(there are no paid employees of ISHR - all Officers & Representatives are volunteers)

NOTICE: No personal checks accepted outside of the United States. The money exchange difference between banks has large fees associated with the exchange and we do not want to pass that on to our members. Bank Money Orders and/or Bank Drafts are acceptabe. We do not encourage sending cash through the mail. Postal Money Orders are no longer accepted from outside of the United States > This is the ruling of the U.S. Postal Service as of 2019.


If using there is a "Convenience Fee" that ISHR must charge to cover the cost for using Paypal. We charge 7% of the total amount due.  ISHR does NOT accept credit cards or debit cards except through PayPal.  To bypass the 7% fee, you can send as a friend or relative on PayPal OR PAYPAL.ME/SPOTTEDHORSE


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     This registry, if at anytime the term "Spotted" is referred, this means any equine with color such as the  paint/pinto, appaloosa type, pintaloosa type markings and/or patterns.

 (the term "Appaloosa", refers to any equine with the characteristic Lp spotting and/or markings. The term "Pintaloosa", refers to any equine resulting from the mating of an Lp/LP parent to a paint/pinto (or visa versa) and/or Pintaloosa.)

     The purpose of this registry shall be to collect, record and preserve the pattern markings of the spotted horse. To stimulate matters such that may pertain to the color, pattern markings, history, exhibition, publicity, sales, shows or improvements of this type of spotted horse. The word "EQUINE", shall, to this registry association and all members refer to a "HORSE" and NOT a "hybrid". (ISHR is sorry, but at this time no spotted mule or donkey is accepted) Also, "HORSE" shall be referred to any equine such as the Draft breed, any Horse breed, any Pony breed and any Miniature Horse breed. The word "EQUINE" shall be used by this association as strictly pertaining too and dealing with the "HORSE" species and not "HYBRIDS".

     Any act not in good faith or intentional violation of registry rules and regulations, shall result in immediate termination and/or cancellation of membership and/or registration. No current, past, or inactive member (inactive member meaning a person who did not want to obtain membership, but only registered an equine) shall refuse a reasonable request for this association, or of an Officer or Representative Agent in locating, inspecting or inquiries concerning an ISHR equine or getting one registered.

     No person(s) shall in any way alter, change or hide the natural markings of a horse by means of dye, surgery, or other capacity for registration as an "equine of color" (meaning spotted such as a Pinto, Appaloosa, Pintaloosa, Paint, etc...). Nor shall any person represent as a registered ISHR equine any other horse for which said registration certificate was issued. No alteration to certificate shall be made EXCEPT by the ISHR Registry Office.

     Accuracy of records and/or forms furnished to registry for requirement of registration is warranted by this registry. No horse is discriminated from for lack of bloodlines, parentage or heritage proof or from being registered with any other association. ISHR will attempt to obtain true and complete information in the registration of a qualified equine, but shall not be responsible for any omissions or errors on the application.  

     Person(s) completing and returning applications must make all writing legible and complete. ISHR will not be responsible for errors on any paper issued due to questionable or unreadable writing. ISHR will not be responsible for contacting owner because of questionable writing on the application(s).  If, upon receiving a completed registration certificate and there is an error due to the legibility and/or omission of information by owner, a charge for correction will be incurred. If the error is the fault of ISHR, it will be corrected for free. ISHR office and Registration Dept.  shall determine the acceptability of any equine submitted for registration. The color, type and pattern shall be determined by the same - the decision is generally final. (other associations may determine these qualities differently) ISHR will determine all aspects of the equine through photographs and if available heritage background. PHOTO'S MUST BE CLEAR and SHARP in determining the correct color and pattern markings. (other information may also be available to ISHR to determine color and pattern type)

     NO PENDING MEMBER OR CURRENT member shall call or write to registry to give their opinion in horse color or pattern in such a way as deemed rude, loud, inconsiderate, or conduct themselves in a disorderly way.  If there is a question as to an equines color and/or pattern it may be discussed. However, the ISHR Registration Department shall have the final say as to an equines color and/or pattern for registration. (other associations generally only give a "basic" color or pattern type to any equine - while ISHR tries to give a more descriptive color and/or pattern type.   THIS RULE ON THIS WEBSITE SUPERSEDES THE RULING IN THE PAPERBACK RULE BOOK AS OF JANUARY 1, 2020.  

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MEMBERSHIP FEE: **membership is not mandatory to register a qualified equine - BUT, the registration fee is at a higher rate for non-members. (exception: a 1 year membership fee is mandatory in the "HARDSHIP" program)

ANNUAL: $12.00 (twe;ve dollars) and includes all immediate family members living in the same household and children 18 yrs. & younger. The annual fee is for a full 12 month period. It is the members obligation to keep up with their membership. Occasionally ISHR will send reminders - however, members must be aware as to when their membership will expire. 

LIFETIME: $100.00 (one hundred dollars) and includes all immediate family members living in the same household and children 18 yrs and younger PLUS one free registration per year PLUS free e-mail newsletter for life. (once a child has moved out of the home they are no longer considered "same household member" and must pay their own membership fee if they want to remain a member of the registry.

**Membership fees are NON-REFUNDABLE

**Application for membership must clearly indicate names in the household to be included for membership.

**Membership Renewal - ISHR will try to send out member reminders  prior to membership expiration - HOWEVER, it is the members responsibility to renew their membership on their due date each year if they want a renewal.


*involvement in ISHR Programs, year-end awards and recognition

*involvement in most voting issues concerning ISHR business

*reduced registration fees during special times

*year end ROM'S , High Point Trophy, Ride N Drive Awards, Show point awards

*can volunteer for many of the committees that ISHR has to offer


REGISTRATION FEES:                                                             Member                              Non-Member (if you do not wish to become a member)

Any age, size, from all branches                                        $22.00                                   $40.00

TRANSFER FEE:                                                                        $  7.00                                    $27.00 (includes a year membership)

CERTIFIED PARENTAGE IDENTIFICATION:        $10.00  (under a yr.)       $15.00 (over 1 yr) (membership included)

TRANSFER FEE FOR CPI :                                                 $  5.00                                    $15.00 (membership included in fee)


     *Show Point Sheet (per equine)                                    $25.00 yr. or $3.00 per form sheet

       *Ride N Drive Log Sheet (per equine)                      $  2.00       

      *Ride N Drive for non-registered equines             $  5.00  Lifetime  Ride N Drive Certificate PLUS $2.00 per log sheet

QUARTERLY E-MAIL NEWSLETTER:                            FREE

CERTIFIED PARENTAGE IDENTIFICATION PROGRAM - CALLED "CPI": this is ISHR'S "HARDSHIP" certification for "solid" color equines out of spotted parents. Membership is mandatory in this program.


1) Sire and/or Dam must be registered with ISHR - or...
2) If equine does not have a sire or dam registered with ISHR then the owner must provide PROOF that the solid equine is out of spotted parents from one of the criteria listed:
          a) proof of a registration certificate (copy- which must be sent in at the time the equine is to be Hardshipped) of the equine in             question with another "color" association (such as APHA, PtHA, SSHA, ApHC, etc...) - or...
          b) proof from a photo with the equine in question with its dam - or...
          c) proof from the owner of the sire and/or dam that the equine in question was born of at least one spotted parent. (a written           affidavit, with the signature of spotted sire or dam owner and witnessed by a licensed notary) - or...
          d) DNA testing

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 RULES / REGULATIONS: Members / Representatives / Officers

No ISHR Officer and/or Representative shall violate in any manner the ISHR By-Laws, Rules and/or Regulations of the ISHR Constitution. No Officer and/or Representative shall conduct themself in such a manner as to endanger the good standing, welfare or credibility of this registry.  An Officer of the ISHR shall conduct themselves in a professional manner at all times. If, at any time there is a question as to the conduct of an Officer, Representative and/or member of this association, the Grievance Committee will conduct an investigation into the matter, and as such will then send their findings/rulings and suggestions for discipline to the ISHR President and from there a determination will be made as to the handling of the situation.  An Officer of ISHR shall have consideration for this registry  and this should always come first and foremost. 

No ISHR Representative shall violate the By-Laws, Rules and/or Regulations of the ISHR Constitution and shall conduct them- selves, when in the role of an ISHR Representative , in a respectable manner.  

All ISHR Officers and Representatives shall know the ISHR By-Laws, Rules and Regulations. All ISHR Officers and Representatives shall be advised that they must be prepared to take on responsibilities and be accountable as this is a working Board and, as such each person will be expected to participate in some capacity in ISHR activities. Every Representative and Officer of ISHR shall know and realize the chief qualities of this organization and to "REPRESENT" what ISHR is and what it does and can do for the horses of color - meaning "ANY" horse of color. This registry has always been based on horse color and horse color alone. This gives the equine recognition, and the owner the prestige and pride in their animal.  

An Officer of ISHR must register all of their qualified equines into this registry within their first year as an Officer. A Representative must register at least 50% of any color equines they have within 60 days of being accepted as a Representative of ISHR. If an Officer or Representative refuse they will be immediately terminated after their specified amount of time. If there is credible reason why an Officer or Representative can not fulfill their registrations - they must discuss this with the ISHR President and come to an equal and fair arrangement. Each Officer and active Representative get a free registration each year and also a registration fee reduction at other times.

All active members (meaning the member is a current, paid up member) shall receive a membership card, business card and any forms that are necessary.

The business of the registry shall be managed by the President of the association. The President may appoint Officers as deemed necessary in attaining supportive expansion and growth for the benefit of this association. 

An Officer is an appointed member who is Loyal, Dedicated and Supportive in the continuance of this registry, thus doing so by contributing time and resources for the continued growth and expansion of the association.

A ISHR Representative is someone who has volunteered and who is dedicated in helping the registry expand, grow and generate new members and registrations. They shall receive free membership with their active representation of the registry. If the President of the registry deems a representative unfit - they shall discuss the causes and come to conclusion that benefits both parties. If a representative shows that they are not abiding by the ISHR constitution and by-laws the person will be removed from their representative status.

All Officers and current Representatives MUST volunteer for service in one or more of the ISHR fundraisers and/or committee's.

For further information about becoming a Representative for ISHR, please contact the main office by either phone, email or letter.

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Connect The Spots Program: a person shall receive a FREE MEMBERSHIP for One (1) year and $5.00 (five dollars) off the regular registration fee if they show proof that the equine is registered with another "color" (spotted) registry, association or club. (proof meaning a copy of the other registration certificate or proof of registration must be provided)  Membership and registration must be sent in at the same time with the correct fees. (example: APHA, POA, NPHR certificate,  etc...)

Registration Herd Discount: person must register 4 (four) or more qualified equines at one time to quality for "Herd" discounts. Example:

SMALL HERD: 4 to 9 qualified equines @ $18.00 ea. and receive a FREE YEAR (12 full months) Membership.                                            MEDIUM HERD: 10 to 19 qualified equines @ $16.00 ea. and receive LIFETIME MEMBERSHIP.                                                                LARGE HERD:  20 or more qualified equines @ $14.00 ea. and receive LIFETIME MEMBERSHIP.



PAINT/PINTO TYPES (this includes any & all breeds & breed types that possess these patterns):  Tobiano - Overo - Framed Overo - Tovero - Sabino - Splashed White, or ANY combination of these. 

APPALOOSA TYPES  (this includes all breed & breed types of Lp patterns): Leopard - Few Spot - Snowflake - Blanket - Varnish Roan - Mottled - Frosted - Speckled - Snowcap, or ANY combination of these.

PINTALOOSA TYPES: equines with any of the above type patterns combined or in just one (1) form. 

Below are acceptable white facial markings for Paint/Pinto/Pintaloosa types. (plus the Splash White Bald face not shown - and the "Sabino" gene is generally attributed to these type of facial markings, especially if the white goes to lower lip/chin or under the chin and/or throat area.)

Below are acceptable white leg markings for Paint/Pinto/Pintaloosa: White from above the knee and/or white from hock down.  (this is generally related to the "Sabino" gene) Quarter Horses, Arabians, and many Morgans commonly carry the "Sabino" gene so they are qualified as a "spotted" equine. (the white can be anywhere up to and/or past the knee and/or hock - this includes the white going up the front and/or the back of the leg)

**NOTE: The determining factor to an equines color, marking, breed type, etc... shall be decided by the regisry's Registration/Membership Department and no member or pending member shall INSULT, ACCUSE, or INCINUATE that the department does not know their job, colors and/or patterns. A careful photo examination and, if available, the background bloodline, shall determine the equines color, pattern and breed type. If there is any discrepancy, the equines application and photo's shall once again be examined and determined and any other proof the member has to show for determination. ISHR shall have and make the final decision. (the Pinto Association & the National Pinto Association only recognize 2 (two) specific patterns only - The TOBIANO & OVERO.) ISHR tries to delve deeper into the color aspect of an equine. WHITE IS NOT A COLOR - BUT THE ABSENCE OF COLOR - so if an equine is white - a person must submit either a picture of the equine as a foal with the foal color (color and/or pattern may only be seen on the skin and horse must be wet to be seen) or find hairs of color to be verified.

**ISHR will not be responsible for any lost, stolen or mutilated funds through the postal service or cash that is sent via hand mail. Beginning January 1, 2021 if any paperwork that is sent out from ISHR and is later deemed "lost" by postal service, new paperwork will be completed by ISHR - HOWEVER, the person who is to receive the new paperwork shall be responsible in paying the postage fee for return.

**ISHR will not be responsible for any mailings that do not get delivered without notice from a member. If forms or newsletters are not received within a reasonable amount of time, it is the MEMBERS RESPONSIBILITY to inform this association of this so that the problem can be taken care of and resolved.

**MULES & DONKEYS ARE CONSIDERED "HYBRID" EQUINES - ISHR is sorry, but at this time they are not acceptable  to this registry. ISHR'S meaning of EQUINE is that of the "HORSE"

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Member Ride and/or Drive: must be a current, active member for the whole year to participate. A member records all the hours spent in riding and/or driving time, such as trial, group outings, parades, training, shows, etc... A separate log sheet must be used for each ISHR equine. ISHR can supply a ride/drive log form for this or a member can devise their own log record. The Ride/Drive form is also located on our website. There is a $2.00 fee for each log turned in per equine. A log sheet must be turned in no later than December 31st. 

Open Ride and/or Drive: this is a new program started in 2014. This entitles a current, active member to be able to enter a non-registered equine into this program.  The rules are the same as the regular Member Ride N Drive Program except for 3 differences.

1) Owner/Member must get the horse they wish to use in the Open Ride N Drive program enrolled for the program.                              

2) Owner/Member must pay a ONE TIME ENROLLMENT fee of $5.00 for the priviledge of letting their non-registered equine join the program.                                                                                                                                                                                           

3) Owner/Member will receive an Enrollment Certificate with the equines picture,  name and date and one copy will be sent to the owner/member and one will be put on file here at the ISHR office.

Ride N Drive Awards: (only 1 (one) accumulated award will be presented - example: if 51 hrs are turned in a person will get the Award Certificate and the Ribbon, but not a Recognition Certificate and so forth)

1) Recognition Certificate Awarded for > 50 accumulated hrs per year                                                                                                                

2) Recognition Certificate AND a  Ribbon Awarded for > 51 to 75 accumulated hrs per year                                                                     

3) Achievement Certificate AND a Rosette Ribbon > 150 accumulated hrs per year                                                                                             

4) LIFETIME ACHIEVEMENT AWARD Certificate AND 1 FREE Registration > 300 hrs accumulated per year                            

5)  OUTSTANDING AWARD Certificate & 2 FREE Registrations PLUS Rosette Ribbon > 500 Lifetime accumulated hrs  

6) PRESTIGIOUS LIFETIME AWARD Certificate, FREE Registrations For 1 YEAR> 1,000 hrs Lifetime accumulated hrs                           

**For every 100 hours ridden and/or driven 1 (one) Point will be issued >> earn 20 points member & equine will get a Ride N Drive ROM (registry of Merit) Certificate.

Show Points: ISHR honors all show points from any show, anywhere. To qualify, a person must be a current, paid up member & equine registered with ISHR. Program show sheets must accompany each show point form.

1) A signed verification form from a "Show Official" from each show OR an ISHR OFFICIAL must be sent in with the show point sheet(s). ISHR office does supply these forms and form is available online on our website page.  if a member has a problem getting their show forms signed by a show official in a timely manner - an ISHR OFFICIAL can and will sign your show form with proof that the said show was attended by also showing or sending in the "SHOW ANNOUNCEMENT" with the classes you participated in.

2) Point Recognition Certificates are awarded to member earning up to 20 pts. per year.  

3) Point Achievement Certificates awarded to member earning 60 or more points per year.  

4) ROM (registry of merit) Certificate is a 1 (one) time award for every 20 pts. earned in a specific class. 

5) YEAREND HIGH POINT CERTIFICATE and ROSETTE (or trophy when available) are awarded to the equine earning the most points during the current year from at least 5 (five) different shows. An equine that wins this award 3 (three) years in a row will receive a "HOUSE TROPHY". Equines name will be placed on the ISHR Show Plaque located in the ISHR Office.  

6) All show point forms must be in by December 15th BUT - no later than December 31st. 

7) Show Fees are either $3.00 per form, per equine OR $25.00 flat fee per equine per show year.

Eight (8) Step Point Program: ISHR encourages members who show to compete for the higher levels of ROM recognition awards. The levels that can be achieved are: (previous of 2016 ISHR only offered the Four (4) Step Point Program)

1) ROM Certificate @ 20 pts. in a specific class field.

2) CHAMPION ROM Certificate earning 4 different ROM's (only 1 (one) in a lifetime).                                                                       

3) SUPERIOR ROM Certificate is earned at 100 points in a specific class field.                                                                                               

4) SUPREME ROM Certificate is earned after earning 4 (four) different "SUPERIOR" ROM's.

5) LIFETIME ACHIEVEMENT Certificate earned @ level of 1,000 pts

6) OUTSTANDING ACHIEVEMENT Certificate earned @ level of 1,500 pts

7) EXCEPTIONAL SHOW HORSE ACHIEVEMENT Certificate earned @ level of 2,500 pts

8) PRESTIGIOUS LOYALTY AWARD Certificate earned @ level 3,000 or more pts

ISHR Point System: (points will not count with less than 3 class entries, unless it is for a Champion or Reserve Championship) Point system is based on 5 (five) or more in a class: (less than 5 per class, points are cut down to reflect the placements)

 1st Place = 5 pts  /   2nd Place = 4 pts  /  3rd Place = 3 pts  /   4th Place = 2 pts  /  5th Place = 1 pt  ---  Grand Champion = 10 pts  /  Reserve Champion = 8 pts  /  World Supreme Champion = 10 pts  /  Best Of The Best = 8 pts 

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PAINT / PINTO PATTERN TYPE: equine must possess the characteristic spotted pattern and/or have white above the knees and/or hocks and/or facial white of the "BONNET", "APRON", or "BALD" face. Patterns include: Tobiano, Overo, Tovero, Splashed White, Sabino Overo, Frame Overo and/or any combination of said patterns.

APPALOOSA and/or any APPALOOSA PATTERN TYPE: equine must possess the characteristic markings/patterns of either/or Appaloosa, POA, Knabstruper, Tiger, Palouse, Colorado Ranger, and any other breed type possessing the Lp gene factor.

PINTALOOSA TYPE: there are 2 types of Pintaloosa class's >> Class Type "A" and Type "B"                                                                                         Class "A" > equine must possess BOTH pattern markings of a pinto/paint and appaloosa                                                                                      Class "B" > equine only shows 1 (one) pattern type of either the pinto/paint or appaloosa. Proof must be submitted showing that one parent is/was pinto and the other appaloosa and/or pintaloosa. (proof being a photo of sire and/or dam or paperwork of breeding.)

**NOTE: any pinto/paint breeding with any appaloosa type OR an equine with the Lp gene  (or visa/versa) will produce a pintaloosa regardless of color and/or pattern - or even if a foal is born solid. 

HEIGHT REQUIREMENT: "Horse Size" must be or will mature to at least 13.2h & above.  "Pony Size" must not mature over 13.1h.  "Miniature Horse Size" can not exceed 38" (inches) tall at withers by maturity. (maturity is at age 3 yrs)

PICTURE REQUIREMENTS: 4 (four) clear, sharp photo's are required per equine.  (MUST BE CLEAR & SHARP) Photo's required:    1) One (1) of each side > from tip of nose to tail & from top of ears to bottom of feet (photo's with cut off body parts-unacceptable)

 2) One (1) rear > from top of butt to bottom of feet.                                                                                                                               

3) One (1) front > from top of ears to bottom of front feet.                                                                                                                                  

4) Pictures of equine MUST NOT be any older than six (6) months.                                                                                                       

5) Photo's of equines must not have any tack on - EXCEPTION: halter or bridle and absolutely no rider.                                                          

6) Photo's must not include other equines to make it hard to see the horse in question.                                                                             

7) No people other than the person holding lead rope in photo's.                                                                                                           

8) Pictures printed on CLEAN, WHITE paper or PHOTO paper and no larger than 3"x5". Photo's will be rejected if wrinkled, blurry, and/or if color is not CLEAR, SHARP and DEFINING THE COLOR of the equine. 



APPLICATION: all applications must be filled out as accurately, truthfully, and to the best of your knowledge. Please print or write legibly and give as much detail information as possible to be included on the certificate. ISHR WILL NOT be responsible for content errors, unreadable writing, and/or omissions on the application form. There will be a charge to redo a certificate if the errors are found to be other party's fault. (ISHR will redo a certificate free if the error is our fault)

**ISHR shall determine the acceptability of any equine submitted for registration and/or certification. The color, type, and pattern shall also be determined by this registry association. The decision issued by the ISHR office is usually final. (anyone who calls, writes, emails, or texts this office and is not courteous and/or polite in a decision of this office shall be terminated from membership and/or equine will be revoked and any and all fees paid will NOT be refunded. Rudeness, screaming, cursing, and/or slamming of a phone WILL NOT BE TOLERATED!

**ISHR will issue certificates as soon as checks are cleared through our bank. (usually within 1 to 2 weeks) IF a check comes back because of "insufficient funds" or "no account" the person who issued check will be notified and given a chance to pay with a money order or bank draft within 7 working days. Otherwise ISHR will CHARGE $35.00 to the issuer of the check for bank charges and depending on the issuer, be turned in to their state of the prosecuting attorney. 

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 ISHR Forms: All ISHR forms may be obtained through the registry, our representatives, our officers or online. If you are able to obtain forms online, this saves time and is beneficial to both the ISHR off and yourself. If you would like for ISHR to send you the forms, please contact the office and ask that forms and information be sent to you via regular mail. People are allowed to make as many copies as they need of any form they require.

Forms Available Online:  By accessing the ISHR website: and following the links, a person is able to obtain forms by printing them out or copying/pasting onto an email, fill out form, then send to ISHR. If a person needs a form that is not currently available on the website, please contact the ISHR office and the form can be emailed or sent via regular mail.

**RUSH FEES: rates start at $15.00 and go up depending on what you need and when you need it. Please contact ISHR Office if you need a rush on anything that needs to be sent to you from our office.

Forms: Transfer / Registration / Membership / Horse Show Class Forms / CPI Application / Ride N Drive Log Sheets / Show Point Forms / Stallion Breeding Report / ISHR Brochure.

Available Books:  "Rules & Regulations Booklet" (free) - The PINTALOOSA Book (only book published about the Pintaloosa with 100's of color photo's and valuable information) cost is $20.00 plus s/h in the United States. For outside of the U.S. please contact our office for price.

Miscellaneous Fee Charges:

Processing Fee (programs, events, etc..)                                              $2.00 up to $25.00                          

Insufficient Funds Check Charge                                                             $35.00                                                           

Certificate Replacement (lost or destroyed)                                     $15.00 (includes postage)                                   

Certificate Picture Replacement                                                             $15.00 (includes postage)                                   

Certificate Changes (name, color, ancestors, etc...)                       $15.00 (includes postage)                                  

ISHR Shirts (when in stock or available)                                              $12.00 (postage incl' for the U.S.)             

Advertising on website & newsletter with up to 3 photo's & 50 words                   $15.00 (for 3 months)                                              

Advertisng in quarterly E-Mail Newsletter (50 words & up to 3 photo's)               $15.00 (for 3 months)

*OVERPAYMENT for any paperwork will not be refunded, but instead will be put as a credit until it is used, unless an equine does not qualify for registration - that is the only exception on a refund.                                                                                                                                      *ALL FEES & DUES collected by this registry shall be used for the purpose of running and maintaining this registry.                          * ALL FEES are to be paid in U.S. currency only. All other types of currency will be denied.  No Checks outside of the U.S. accepted  *ALL CHECKS will first be cleared through the bank BEFORE any paperwork is issued. (this takes from 5-10 days)                                *PAYMENTS made from outside of the U.S. can be made by Bank Draft, Bank Money Order OR by PayPal.  ISHR does not accept Credit Cards except through PayPal.

*ISHR does accept payments through PayPal - HOWEVER, there is a 7% convenience fee for this privilege as PayPal charges our office to use it. If Paying by PayPal remember to add the 7% fee or we will not be able to start any paperwork until that fee is paid. OR you may go to: - there is no fee.

*INSUFFICIENT FUNDS check: ISHR will contact the person on the check and request a money order or bank draft. NO paperwork will leave this office until the funds are settled.

****NO ISHR OFFICER or REPRESENTATIVE is paid a wage or salary. Everyone who is associated with ISHR is a volunteer. 

                                                                                                                             ISHR OFFICE                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         2120 Scotch Hollow Rd.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   Noel, MO. 64854                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           866-201-3098 OR 417-475-6273                                                                                                                                                                                                   OR                                                                                                           Facebook: International Spotted Horse and Pintaloosa Registry 

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Frame Overo
Spotted Blanket
Sabino Overo
Snow Cap
Few Spot Appaloosa
Varnish Roan